FFV Four Job Fiesta

I love FFV and I love the Fiesta.

Prior Games

(Victories in bold.)



I play the SFC version, with the following patches:

  1. Legend of the Crystals
  2. Bugfixes (from the GBA script port) — caught monster display, catch bug fix, Kiss of Blessing bug fix, Power Drink bug fix, Observe bug fix, Bartz's blue mage bug fix, berserk chicken knife fix, two Galufs fix, faster common death animation, fractional M parameter knife fix, walk through walls fix, landing fix
  3. Super Custom Classes
  4. Find Pits and Passages Always Equipped
  5. Better Item Menu
  6. Drag to Haste, Renamed to Speed

Final md5sum: 987debfe41e117eb63082ee35d9107a8