2021 FFV Four Job Fiesta Runs

Run #1


Defeating Omega
This is (actually) fine.

This was the most arduous Omega victory I've gotten to date. I've done Bard lockdown a couple times, Chemist mixes at least twice, and maybe another victory or two I'm not remembering at the moment, but this one, this was the real madness.

It took a lot of setup, with help from the handbook, of course, and also the FF5FJF Discord. It also, interestingly, was basically a solo fight, for reasons I'll get into below. The setup and battle routine:

Mystic Knight is the only job that could damage it, thanks to Bolt 3/Thundaga Sword. Omega absorbs all other elements, so other swords are out, and Omega is heavy (of course), so no fun tricks, and it can only be slowed/stopped (which I don't have access to). Its physical defense is sky high, making it essentially immune to physical attacks.

Thundaga Sword only works, actually, because it instant kills non-heavy enemies weak to lightning, and does 4x normal damage to heavy enemies weak to lightning. Omega is heavy, so 4x damage it is. Except…

Omega also has an evade through the roof, 95, so the only thing that has a chance of hitting it is a dagger, which halves enemy evasion. So I need a dagger with enough strength to get through Omega's crazy defense, which even with the 4x multiplier, only leaves one dagger: the Chicken Knife.

The Chicken Knife has a 25% chance to make the party (attempt to) flee. Thankfully in this situation, you can't run from Omega, meaning 1 in 4 attacks just do nothing instead. Combined with the evade, I had a roughly 75% chance of an attack being wasted (via pointless flee or just plain old missing), and I needed six hits (at 9999 damage) to kill Omega.

Omega's speed is insane, also, so I needed Running Shoes to get Haste on the Mystic Knight, just so I could have a chance at doing this before getting obliterated. And, all of this just proved that my party could kill Omega, not that it would, because Omega also has Super Bullshit 64 attacks that my party would need to survive.

Bullshit attacks include: Atomic Ray (enough fire damage to kill any party member, to the whole party), Surge Beam (hits each party member for half of their max HP, and inflicts HP leak), Circle (just straight up removes a character from the fight), Maelstrom (takes each party member to <10 HP, which with HP leak kills them in a couple ticks after it hits), Quake (hits the whole party for enough damage to kill anyone not floating), and a couple other attacks that "only" deal some damage and inflict status effects. So…

Circle only procs on a counterhit, because of course Omega has counterhits (yes, two) every time it takes damage. Just don't attack Omega! Wait a minute…

Here's where things get wild. Omega has a Targeting ability that it uses in a particular step in its AI routine, where whoever gets targeted will be the lone target of its upcoming attack and also any counterattacks until that attack! Also, Targeting can be reflected.

You can reflect it onto Omega, making it target itself for one attack and more importantly the counterattacks. This is the only point in the fight where it's safe to attack Omega, because of how bullshit Circle is. (It can't be blocked and removes the character from the fight, so they can't even be revived. They're just gone.)

Great. So the Mystic Knight just needs Reflect, which it can get from a Wall Ring, except I need those dang Running Shoes for Haste, so… give the Mystic Knight the !White skill so it can cast Reflect at the right step in the routine.

Except… I need the Equip Ribbons skill, as above, but thankfully there's a glitch in FFV where the status immunities from the previous fight carry over to the next one, so I can use Equip Ribbons, equip a ribbon, get in a non-Omega fight, get the status immunities loaded, run away, and then switch to the !White skill and still have status immunities for the Omega fight.

So now, to recap, Mystic Knight, with one and only one ability option, forced to use the Chicken Knife if I don't want this to take forever, with a particular shield and relic just to have a chance, and some trickery to have the skills to make this possible. Where's the rest of the party in this?

Dead weight. There's no point in wasting time keeping the party alive, if they can be nuked to oblivion at a moment's notice, and it's better for the Mystic Knight anyway if we can guarantee that it gets targeted for Targeting, so that we can have Reflect up on the right party member to bounce it onto Omega. (In my successful attempt, the other party members got some pointless buffs on the Mystic Knight before getting annihilated.)

So with all of this, there's a plan, still highly dependent on chance, but I have a routine I can run, by looking up Omega's AI script, plotting things out, and praying. Here are my notes:

STEP 0 (obvious): cast Thundaga Sword on the Mystic Knight, then loop:

Omega then, Krile
1. Atomic Ray/Delta Attack/Blaster Cue up a heal (Cure 2 or potion prob.) in the menu
2. Surge Beam Heal immediately, cue up Reflect in the menu
3. Rainbow Wind/Emission/Atomic Ray Cast Reflect THE MOMENT THIS HITS, cue up a heal
4. Surge Beam Heal immediately, cue up Cure 3 in the menu
5.1. Delta Attack/Blaster/Surge Beam Healed immediately in order to survive Surge Beam…
5.2. Maelstrom/Quake/Rainbow Wind If Maelstrom, CURE 3 IMMEDIATELY, else choose to heal
6. Targeting Attack! Reflect wears off after, but can get 2 in
7. Rainbow Wind/Emission/Atomic Ray Emission may heal Omega, but w/e. Heal if not A.R.
8. Surge Beam Good time for an Elixir if MP getting low

All of this with cued up menu prompts, because at my speed and Omega's speed, if I dilly-dallied too long while combat ticked, I would usually not be ready to cast something important, either the Reflect, or (more likely), the Cure 3 to survive Maelstrom.

Oh, and if you're wondering how I was Cure 3ing myself immediately after casting Reflect, well, Omega has prema-Reflect itself, so I could just bounce those off of Omega's reflect. Another reason why I needed only the Mystic Knight alive.

After about ten cycles, and roughly 100 previous attempts where I screwed up my routine or was still learning the exact strategy or just had bad luck, I finally brought him down.


Defeating Omega
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