Brian S. Stephan's Writings

Welcome to, one (of way too many) domains run by me, bss. I've started this particular permutation of the site in March 2020, so there's not much here, but I plan on continuing my rarely updated journal here and moving some of my pages and writings worth keeping.


Longer Articles

I've written some things, from time to time, that kind of stand alone and don't quite fit in the site organization (or I just want to call them out).

"Organized" Topics

Here's some other stuff I've collected pages on.

I also stream occasionally, if you want to check that out some time.


I can be reached primarly via email: bss @ <this domain>.

I prefer email, if you don't already know how to contact me — it's nothing personal, but my communication time is mostly asynchronous these days, and I have a hard enough time keeping up with my closer-knit communities.

I'm working on setting up a mailing list for the site, but it hasn't yet become a need. If correspondence picks up, I might finish it. If you're interested in this idea in some fashion (be it as a common message board-type system, or a newsletter or changelog, for example), please contact me.

If you really prefer other platforms, here's a couple I'm on:

About the site

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The backbone of this site is, my original personal domain, which now serves more as infrastructure for this and my many other sites and projects.