Today's PC Multiplayer Day With AlmightyRhombus, for the kids! Also check out his stream and donate to either (or both) of us!

Upcoming Extra Life schedule

Stream Stuff

These are mostly chill streams, as I probably just started streaming while listening to a video or whatever. My free time is at a premium currently, so I may go idle for a while or abruptly turn things off, depending.

I'll try to keep an eye on the Discord; if you don't know what Discord I'm talking about but want to chat, you can also try me on my Twitch channel but I can't guarantee I'm paying attention to it.

Looking to support me or the stream? I'm fine; help the kids, why don't you?

Tech Stuff

This stream utilizes OBS Studio, NGINX, and HLS. You can also watch the raw stream in e.g. VLC via rtmp://streaming.incorporeal.org/live/bss (it's got a bit less latency than the HLS stream).