I've been playing Angband recently. I've always dabbled with it, but Giant Bomb's Going Rogue really kicked off a renewed interest in real roguelikes, and now here I am.

I'm going to take some notes or something, I guess?

Hall of Fame

1.   106892  Thith the Half-Troll Warrior, level 30
             Killed by Kavlax the Many-Headed on dungeon level 35
             (User 1000, Date 2022-10-27, Gold 7026, Turn 715990).


Arsink, the Keeper

Thith, the Half-Troll Warrior

Lost in Another Timeline

I started these characters in between 2021-10-13 and 2022-01-02, when I lost Thith to an Angband upgrade.

Buildbo, the Hobbit Rogue

Buildbo II, the Hobbit Rogue