Extra Life 2021

It's the season for Extra Life! Here's what I'm planning on doing this year, over the course of many weeks of gaming and streaming goodness.

11/6 — PC Multiplayer Day With AlmightyRhombus!

We're going to play some games over the internet! PUBG, maybe some Quake Champions, maybe some Back 4 Blood, maybe some other stuff. Who knows! It's going to be a fun time!

Stream will be on Alex's page and maybe mine too.

11/12 — Some Solo Games

I have Friday off and I can totally spend it on some games and streaming for the kids! Expect PS4 games, but really, who knows what I'll do.

11/13 — Local Multiplayer Stuff!

Some folks are coming over to play games, bake cookies, and watch Alex's local stuff! I'll also be streaming here and trying to raise some money. It'll be good!