Final Fantasy

I've been in love with JRPGs since playing Final Fantasy on the NES back in, oh, 1988, 1989? It's a fun game to return to; even though a lot of people consider it archaic these days, I love the original Dungeons & Dragons style to the game, and the remakes aren't that bad either.


I've been branching out and trying some hacks, too. Here's some thoughts on what I've tried out.

Final Fantasy Restored (plus more stuff)

This is what I'm currently messing around with. The base patch fixes a number of bugs in the original game, and then I've added some patches on top of that because they sounded interesting. What I enjoy is that it tries to not go too far astray of the original NES game, while improving the many things wrong with it.

Here's what I've got going on (with links):

Final Fantasy Ultra Champion Edition

I played a bit of this, and it seems pretty neat! It's a significant rebuild of the original game, with new classes, a different magic system, and tons of other changes I didn't even experience yet. Unfortunately, it's almost too different from what I'm looking for right now.

More information on the hack can be found on