Soylent - Day Whatever It Is

Still doing Soylent. Still pretty pleased with it. Eating better and I've lost a fair amount of weight. All I have to say, really.

Soylent - Day 2

Almost through my second day of 100% Soylent 2.0. It's going pretty well so far. Soylent 2.0 is surprisingly kind of tasty; I've seen some people relate it to Cheerios milk, to me it tastes more like liquid graham cracker. Definitely doesn't need any kind of additive to make it tolerable, I'm actually liking it for the most part.

But maaaaaaaaaaan, never been more mindful of how many food commercials there are on TV. It's kind of absurd. I'm not bought into the whole "Americans do food the wrong way" thing, but I see where that argument is coming from.

Soylent - Day 0

I have some Soylent sitting in the fridge next to me. It seems like a good idea.

I have a very boring relationship with food. I love food, but I'm usually too busy/lazy to bother to do anything about it, leading me to the same boring two trips to Panera across from work day in and day out, the same bagel in the morning, sandwich in the afternoon, the same weekend routine of ordering delivery once in the middle of the day and coasting for a day to a day and a half on that.

There are a lot of people who have written about Soylent in the context of what it does to the human interaction with food, which for them is a social experience, but for me, it is absolutely the most uninspired thing imaginable the majority of a time. I like spending time on other things, so I don't spend time preparing food, and get fast food and delivery the majority of the time instead. I live alone and don't have a whole lot of reasons to go out dining, so my schedule is based on getting food when it's accessible to me (at work).

In short, yeah, food kind of is a chore, for me.

After a fair amount of joking on IRC about how much I'd be behind nutrient pills, I figured it was finally time to do this Soylent thing. I've certainly been curious about it for a while, so now seems like as good a time as any. I could use to lose some weight. I could use to eat better even if I didn't need to lose weight. By some back of the envelope math, I could even save some money if I replaced 100% of my meals with Soylent, even the more expensive bottled Soylent 2.0, which is what I've ordered. (Like I established above, I'm lazy --- having to prepare Soylent from powder would probably just kill the experiment for me.)

To be clear, though, I'm not planning on replacing all of my food with Soylent, even if this goes extremely well. I do like food. I love tearing into a good burger, or dining on some godlike pizza. I love going out to a restaurant with friends, when I get the opportunity to. I love a good home-cooked meal. What I am interested in doing, though, is streamlining all the times when I'm eating alone, and eating just to get energy. Those times are kind of boring, I don't really think about what I'm eating (which is bad), I don't put any effort into eating better or even preparing my own meals (also bad), and I don't get an amazing amount of enjoyment out of everyday eating, especially when I'm still preferably thinking about work or playing a game or whatever it is I'm doing. I'm interested to cut those parts of my routine out, and I think Soylent will help with that.

So I'm going to try it. It'll be interesting.