An update in 2019

I've updated the gameDB section a bit. Now you can filter based on console (SNES, NES, GEN, etc.) and type (Game, Peripheral, etc.), rather than relying on the fuzzy search, which would often find things that didn't match your actual intent ("nes" catching all NES games, plus also anything with "nes" in its title). Only I may find this interesting, but it's one step to that thing feeling less like a nightmare.

Probably one thing I ought to do is add a flag for if the game listed is physical or digital, as I'd like to start doing more capsule reviews of games, but the gameDB is really only envisioned for physical games (since half of the data is stuff like if I dumped the game and checked its board, and at some point I'm going to start organizing them by bins). I'm writing this down here because I just thought of it, but I should really make an issue at..., which has been moved from GitLab to Gitea, because GitLab was getting way too beefy for my occasional usage. So that happened recently too.