Final Fantasy Replay Project: Final Fantasy I

Some miscellaneous thoughts on Final Fantasy, as I play through it.

  • Power-leveled a bit to start, while filling in the bestiary, and now I'm thinking a low-level challenge might be fun at some point.
  • It's not news to consider the game's progression as threadbare, compared to a lot of the modern games, and even the SNES games to some degree, but the directness of "here's a vague hint of where to go next, now kill a guy, now go to the next vague hint" surprises me every time. How did I beat this game as a kid?
  • Oh, I know, I used the Nintendo Power guide, which leads you by the nose and also teaches some bad habits, like...
  • I only now learned that you don't need to kill Marilith (I still know her as KARY) to get to the class change, you can start that quest once you kill Lich and can get the Canoe. Hax.

Figured I should write something before I get lost in a Persona 5 hole.