Final Fantasy Replay Project: Beginnings

I've decided to start going down a long road: I'm going to replay a version of every mainline Final Fantasy game (excluding XI and XIV), in order. Why? Because I can, and the old games are pretty great, I guess!? There is no why, other than why not.

This is going to end up being a very drawn-out process, I think, because I'm playing tons of other games and I am bad at prioritizing. I'm hoping, however, that I update here periodically with thoughts as I go.

First up is Final Fantasy (PSP). This is probably the Final Fantasy I've beaten the most times, aside from Final Fantasy IV, so, fittingly for this lark of a time sink, I'm starting out on one of the least necessary games. The original game on NES was great for its time and still does a decent job holding up even now, but the PSP release for the 20th anniversary of the series is generally improved, and has some bonus dungeons (bonus dungeons of varying quality, honestly). I'll be playing it on my Japanese Vita (since, puzzlingly, they haven't released it on the NA PSN).

The PSP version also makes the game far easier than the original NES version or the PS1 rerelease due in part to its removal of D&D-style spellcasting, choosing instead to use the mana point system present in the rest of the Final Fantasy series. Accordingly, it is much easier to make effective use of spellcasters, and you don't have to manage an extremely limited resource to do anything magical. That said, I may play the PS1 version at some point down the road, if I get really addicted to this project.

Anyway, I'm rolling with the very traditional party of Warrior/Monk/White Mage/Black Mage (Fighter/Black Belt/White Mage/Black Mage by the NES naming scheme, which is how I actually think about the classes). This should be a cakewalk: the two best melee classes, and the two main spellcasters. As long as I don't take forever to do this, I'm already looking ahead to FF2. But for now, time to revisit the granddaddy of them all.